Life lessons learned by 23

I know life lessons is something you learn later but I feel by 23 I’ve learned actually a lot of good lessons in life. Things I didn’t know at the time were lessons. Once I hit there’s lots of things looking back I would’ve done a lot differently. Here’s a list of lessons I’ve learned so far. Many of these go hand in hand with other ones.

  1. Do not piss off someone you want to get a reference from- I feel like this says it all in the job world.
  2. Never put a trip on a student line of credit. It never ends well and nor does it go away as quickly as you think it would. It sits there and mocks you when you’re at your lowest points.
  3. Soul searching trips don’t always mean you’ll find yourself.
  4. 6 week trips=pack LIGHT
  5. 3 am online shopping is a terrible idea and you never need it.
  6. Don’t shop/mainly online shop to make yourself feel better, it doesn’t work for long and is an endless cycle.
  7. University is not for everyone. I did 2 years of university and decided to take a gap year because I went to Europe. It then turned into 2 years and then 3 and then I wasn’t even sure why I thought about going back in the first place. University is not a good place for me. Ive learned because as I’ve gotten older my anxiety really started to kick in and school was the worst. I remember one day I just looked at my friend and told her simply “I cant breathe I think I’m having an anxiety attack”.we didn’t end up going to class and proceeded to talk about it al. That was the first moment I wondered if school was for me.
  8. Time management is seriously a thing. I’m still forever learning this because it hasn’t quite stuck. I have a stupid busy life where I don’t get to see my friends too often so I need to be on top of my schedule if I want to hope to maybe see one friend a week or so.
  9. If a friendship is not good for you and makes you feel awful then drop that friendship. This is one I’m just learning. Ive lost a few friendships since high school, some being with friends I thought were some of my best.This being said I don’t regret it in the slightest. Do I miss them? Sure I miss what we were but I’m also not the person I was so it wouldn’t be the same. There’s been lesssons I’ve learned in the loss that I likely wouldnt have learned on my own.
  10. Have a great support of people around you. This sounds obvious but when push ones to shove you want to know who to call ina crisis. I have a person who I literally tell everything to. She knows what to say or do always when I’m either really depressed or super anxious.
  11. Know that it’s okay to fall apart sometimes but that you do have to pick up the pieces and move on. I’m still learning this one slowly.

I know these may seem small or obvious but honestly some of these have been the hardest for me to learn.

On The Hunt

So I’ve been trying to find a new job forever and by forever I mean since November. It’s much harder than I thought to get something that gives me enough hours that I can pay my bills. It also really puts things into perspective too. I’ve hit the point in my life that I don’t want to work dead end jobs if I’m not going to go back to school. I’ll probably touch on the school thing in another post.

I need something that I can possibly see as a career, something I actually like. I don’t really want to be a sales associate for the rest of my life especially since I hate it and suck at it.

Looking for that kind of job has brought up so many questions though like What do I actually like to do? How does that actually turn into a job? Can I do it? Do I want to move for it? I feel like this whole job hunt has turned into a hunt for myself because until now I think I’ve just put it on a shelf and never looked back. I have no idea what I really like to do, how I want to be in life or what I truly want out of life.Honestly I just feel so much more lost than I ever thought I could and that makes me feel like a failure. I’m 23, working a shitty part-time job, no car, no degree, a decent amount of debt to my name, no direction oh and I still live at home.

I guess I’m feeling a little like I’ve hit rock bottom. My life is not at all bad though thats the thing. I have a wonderful boyfriend who I can see a real future with, I have a great relationship with my family so living at home still isnt so bad. I have some great friends who are super supportive and then I have my person. She is litterally my best friend and other half so she knows me better than anyone else.

Thinking of those things makes me confused about why I feel so lost if I still have so much thats good in my life. I guess in a way I want to know that I’m not alone in this feeling but also I want to find my place, wherever it ends up being.

Why I Started a Blog

I decided to start a blog honestly mainly for myself. Many people have told me that I should start some sort of social media but I had always brushed them off saying I wasn’t into the idea or I didn’t see the point. I’m finally at the point where I’m ready to start sharing parts of my life mainly as a way for me to vent about things but also a thought process. There also likely will be some reviews on things I love or even music I’m into at the moment.

I’m currently going through a bit of a rough time because I recently just turned 23 and I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing with my life. I just feel very lost and have no clue as to where I want to go in life. This blog is going to be about experiences I’ve had and things I’ve learned.  There however will be somethings to know about me

  1. I will be typing my blogs as if I were to be telling you this in person, so my grammar will not be the best
  2. I do not expect anything to come out of this
  3. The content here might be offensive to some people because I do curse often


Bare with me please as I slowly learn how to blog.